What Is CUMUN'19?

About Us

First of all , we are honored to announce the first session of Club Universal MUN conference.As Club Universal, we have always aimed to increase the self-confidence of our peers. So , we showed the community what our peers could achieve.It was the best idea to organize a MUN conference to continue all this.Thus, we are here with our MUN conference which will be in partnership with Uğur Schools.

Letter From Our President

First of all, I am honored to say that I am the president of the CUMUN’19 conference.Thanks to everyone in our team I never felt alone, I will not feel. This is undoubtedly a unique source of motivation for me and us.With this motivation, I swear that we will offer you an unforgettable conference experience.This conference is, of course, organized by confident people.  I must say that I am very impatient to see you among us.

After that, I think we made our prices suitable for everyone. And the end of all, ı can say that a legendary conference emerged. The biggest reason for this is definitely our unique team. Everybody in our team is doing their job very well. Our organization team is working on what our valued participants want from us in general. After doing this analysis, they are taking great actions on those subjects. Our academic team, with their experience, prepares the topics of our committees more specifically. When you attend this conference you will experience amazing things for an affordable price. You can understand this from the level of institutionalization.

Yiğit Potuoğlu

Letter From Our Secretary General

Distinguished Delegates and Esteemed Guests,

On behalf of the Secreteriat, we are truly honored to welcome you to the Club Universal Model United Nations Conference(CUMUN), held in Uğur Schools Bornova Campus from August 5 to August 7,2019.

We can assure you that our academic team and committee chairs, will work to keep the 2019 CUMUN committees running smoothly. We will do our best to help ypu understand parliamentry procedure and to esnure that the views of all delegates are heard and respected. And our organization team will work to make CUMUN one ıf the best MUN experiences you have  ever had with our socials and coffe break activites ,

I once again welcome you all and wish to see you amongst us, as a part of this conference. It is my hope for all those who participate to make delightful memories and have a great MUN experience.

Melis Akın
Secretary General

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